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Alevis are the second largest belief community in Turkey.Alevism is not a stagnate belief but has evolved by interacting with various beliefs, spiritual doctrines and cultures over a wide geographical area from Central Asia to Balkan Mountains throughout the history. A process of gradual convergence between various different mystical schools since the 13th century constitutes what we call Alevism today. The concept of Alevi is actually a broad term covers different language and ethnic communities sharing same belief components.

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Overview Of Our Association Let's get to know...

PIR SULTAN ABDAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATES USA is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 . Our Association is the only voluntary organization caters for the Alevi people living in USA especially those in New York & New Jersey. Our mission is to promote the values of the Alevi culture both within and outside of our community by networking with groups and organizations that they are aiming to enhance the horizons of their members.

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Our Associates Activities

Ahmet ASLAN & Ahmet IHVANI Concert 2018 USA


Asura & Khizir

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" Love is our religion. We do not believe in any other religion."

With its principle and philosophy, I send my "Aşk-ı Niyaz" to all souls.



Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Associates USA

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